I'm a photography nerd, When I'm not shooting I'm generally editing, researching new gear, and finding inspiration through the work of others. Over the years I've enjoyed collecting my experience from blogs, vlogs and arts from my friends and photographers/artists I admire.

The Beginning
We all started somewhere, I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, Over Time my paints turned into pictures and my imagination translated into frames in videos.
I believe that movies and cinema was the torch which leads me to who I am now, Only tools was changed, Instead of using brushes and colors I began to use cameras and lights, and since 2011 my camera started to take a large part of my interest and it becomes my third eye.

Where I find Inspiration?
Every single thing in this world could inspire me, Keep your mind open and the ideas will find their way to you ,But what inspires me the most are Movies, Movies in my opinion are rich artistic treasure grouping many artworks together in one piece such as photography and directing, writing the story and creating the music, acting and many other arts

Awards and Exhibition
•    2nd Winner w3i Competition - 2017
•    AJPA Reinventing Imagery - 2016
•    HIPA Youthconnect Expo  - 2016
•    AJPA scotoma - 2014

•    Bachelor's degree in Information Technology