Wajd Ramadan

Art nerd, When I am not shooting, I am editing! otherwise looking for inspiration or new equipment.


Since 2011 I have enjoyed collecting my experience from artists on the internet and from practical experience during the years with clients, And I found everything in this world inspires me, all what I am doing is keeping the mind open and the ideas find their way to me.


We all started somewhere and I believe movies are my torch which leads me to be who I am right now, I used to draw a lot when I was a kid and over the years my paints turned into pictures and my imagination translated into frames of videos, Only tools was changed, Instead of using brushes and colours I began to use cameras and lights, and since that my camera started to take a large part of my interest and it becomes my third eye.

I do have bachelor’s degree in information technology, but I decided to stick up with my passion in art and employed my IT knowledge to deal better with my equipment.


Awards and Exhibition

  • 2nd Winner w3i Competition – 2017
  • AJPA Reinventing Imagery – 2016
  • HIPA Youthconnect Expo – 2016
  • AJPA scotoma – 2014